template tool page

Link to external tool

<link to external tool page, if available>

Use in decision framework

<link to aspect page where tool can be used>
<link to aspect page where can be used, etc. list all pages, add or delete lines as needed>


<more-line description of the tool, (purpose, target group) include text-version of most typical tool parameters: beginner’s tool, fast and easy, etc.>


<Describe which information is needed as input. Does the tool require special, not easily available input?>

User friendliness

<describe what is needed for the tool to deliver results in terms of effort and expertise (e.g. is the interface easy to use, how much time is required to achieve results, are special skills required to use the tool, can the tool be used online or does it have to be downloaded>


<generic description of what the tool delivers and an indication of the quality of the tool (science-based, reliability, etc.). If needed focus on just the use for climate adaptation, keep it generic for all steps of the DF, Refer to particular steps or phases if needed.>


<description of developer / manager / owner of the tool: is it a large organisation, does it still exist, is it active in further development?>

Conditions for use

<description of what is required to be allowed to use the tool: is it free, are there limitations for use, what does it cost, can it only be used if you commit to something, etc.>


<General description of success or failure of application of the tool, short – overview over all steps. Refer to individual steps if more detail is needed. Does the tool have a track record?>