UrbClim Heat maps

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UrbClim is a meso-scale urban boundary layer model based on detailed urban physics. It produces heat maps for the whole city at a resolution up to 100m. As it is a model, it can produce reliable scenario outcomes, including uncertainty ranges, related to large scale climate scenario’s.


No local input is needed as UrbClim derives its input from international satellite based land cover, vegetation and soil sealing data and meteorological databases.

User friendliness

The service is offered commercially by VITO. Running the model requires considerable experience.


Maps of Average urban heat island intensity, Average air temperature, Average air temperature at midnight (moment with the highest temperature difference between the rural and urban areas), Average number of heat wave days according to any heat wave classification scheme, Cooling degree-hours: number of hours above a threshold air temperature as an indication for the cooling energy demand. All at 100 m resolution.




Conditions for use

The UrbClim model is available as commercial software at different rates: a 1-year license, permanent license or an academic license are available. Various supporting modules are also available. VITO also provides support and training. Pricing information is available on request.


City maps produced with this tool include Antwerp,  Almada, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, Brussels, Ghent, London, Paris, Skopje.