Future Cities Adaptation Compass

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http://www.future-cities.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/adaptation_compass/FUTURE-CITIES_Adaptation-Compass_v1.1.zip (+ manual here)

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The Future Cities Adaptation Compass is an Excel – based tool designed to guide the user in interlink different stakes and to check the vulnerability and adaptation options across the sectors. The Adaptation Compass can be applied to a region, a city, a project area or just a department.

The tool provides general information and automated answers and also gives the user the opportunity to submit local information. The tool distinguishes between ‘receptors’, which are comparable to the UAST ‘Impacted policy sector’. The tool provides examples and a list of general sensitivities. It encompasses surveying former events, expected change, determining risk and choosing adaptation options.


Future cities process flow chart 1)from: http://www.future-cities.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/project_desc/Future_Cities-Adaptation_Compass_en.pdf

Although not very complicated, the tool requires some installation (download, unzipping to a directory, starting the Excel tool). The tool is developed in Excel 2003 and is known to display some images incorrectly in later versions. Whether more or other problems are present, is unknown.


The tool requires a large amount of input and decisions. It does not provide support to determine how to make these decisions or how to gather the data.

User friendliness

The tool provides for examples, automated functions and a guidance document. For a first-time user the interface can sometimes be counter-intuitive.


The tool outputs a prioritized list of risks and measures.


The tool was developed in the EU project ‘Future Cities – urban networks to face climate change‘.

Conditions for use

The tool is free for use


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