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The Blue Green Solutions Guide presents the innovative, systematic framework created by Imperial College London researchers, with the support of Climate KIC, to harness the power of NBS1)Nature based solutions to deliver attractive cities and developments that are resilient, sustainable and cost-efficient2)from: Blue Green Solutions: The Guide.

It involves a commercial consultancy process supported by software that calculate how adaptation measures influence water, energy, comfort and financial costs/savings.


Required input is not made explicit, but will be gathered within the consultancy process.

User friendliness

The software is operated by the consultants. User-friendliness for the end user is therefore excellent.


The process will deliver support for designing innovative adaptation options, with their effectiveness for water, energy, comfort and costs founded in the model run in the software.

A central feature of the BG Systems’ planning methodology is quantification of the key project interactions and their effects on project quality and life-cycle costs. Practically, this is achieved by systematic implementation of three specifically designed tools, namely:
  • Interaction matrix: Maps all possible interactions between urban components.
  • Cost dependence matrix: Maps possible capital cost reductions utilising synergy benefits identified by the interaction matrix.
  • Climate resilience matrix: Applies all possible climate change scenarios to the interaction and cost dependency matrices and quantifies resilience indicators.


The software was created by Imperial College London researchers, with the support of Climate KIC.

Conditions for use

The software is meant to be operated by the consultants. Contact the developers to get information on the terms.


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1. Nature based solutions
2. from: Blue Green Solutions: The Guide