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The IVAVIA Risk and Vulnerability Assessment workflow support – short: RESIN IVAVIA Workflow Support – automates some steps in the overall workflow from Impact Chain Diagrams to calculating values for vulnerability elements (IVAVIA modules M2–M5). It integrates the ICE+, the IVAVIA database, and the Adaptation Options Library.


Prerequisites for using the RESIN Workflow Support software are:

User friendliness

Provided that the aforementioned inputs have been established, the RESIN Workflow Support software guides you through the basic steps of the workflow. Impact Chain Diagrams will automatically be imported from the Impact Chain Editor ICE+ and the corresponding indicator data from the IVAVIA indicator database will be fetched. If you are not an expert in statistics, default methods are offered for the indicator data normalization method, the aggregation method, and the weighting method.


After you have made all required selections,  the software displays a table containing the calculated values for vulnerability, sensitivity, and coping capacity for each of the zones in your selected scenario. To the right of the table, a map of the city region is displayed that shows the color-coded values (green-yellow-red scale) assigned to the zones.

The “Download results” button finalizes the IVAVIA part of the RESIN workflow support software. It will download three files: 1) the selected Impact Chain Diagram as a native JSON file (can be reimported by ICE+); 2) the table of values per zone as a CSV file (can be read with Excel); 3) the color-coded zone maps as shape files (GeoJSON file).

Finally, you may proceed from the workflow support software with fetching suitable adaptation options from the RESIN AOL (Adaptation Options Library) [hyperlink] that match the Impact Chain Diagram. Again, you may download the AOL results and manually upload them to your project in the RESIN e-Guide.


The RESIN Workflow Support is a result of the EU H2020 project RESIN and was developed jointly by Fraunhofer IAIS in Sankt Augustin, Siemens in Munich, and Tecnalia in Bilbao.

Conditions for use

The use of RESIN Workflow Support is free for non-commercial activities. A login must be requested. Terms of use will be published later.


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