Method – RAMSES Stakeholder mapping and engagement


RAMSES is a European research project, which delivered much-needed quantified evidence of the impacts of climate change and the costs and benefits of a wide range of adaptation measures, focusing on cities. RAMSES engaged with stakeholders to ensure its outcomes are policy relevant and ultimately enable the design and implementation of adaptation strategies in the EU and beyond.

The ‘Stakeholder mapping and engagement’ worksheet developed within this project is a step-by-step description of steps to take to identify the right stakeholders. It also allows to record ideas how to engage them. It can be found a an addendum of the RAMSES handbook and training package. The method is based on expert opinion and brainstorming. The steps are described at a high level, which makes the method open for interpretation.

Use in decision framework

 stakeholder analysis


Knowledge potential stakeholders, and their stakes. This potentially covers wide areas of policy areas.


The method basically involves one step: a brainstorm session to list and typify stakeholders. The results are recorded in a matrix.


Matrix with a list of stakeholder, recording: Contact details, influence and ideas how to engage.


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