RAMSES Identifying and prioritizing different adaptation options


Ramses handbook, go to table of contents, click ‘Worksheet no.5: ‘Identifying and prioritizing different adaptation options’.


RAMSES is a European research project, which delivered much-needed quantified evidence of the impacts of climate change and the costs and benefits of a wide range of adaptation measures, focusing on cities. RAMSES engaged with stakeholders to ensure its outcomes are policy relevant and ultimately enable the design and implementation of adaptation strategies in the EU and beyond.

The ‘Identifying and prioritizing different adaptation options’ worksheet developed within this project is a step-by-step description of steps to take to create a list of adaptation options and prioritize these options. It can be found as an addendum of the RAMSES handbook and training package. The method requires decisions on a number of questions that are open for interpretation and no further support how to correctly answer them is given.

Use in decision framework

generate options for adaptation approaches
assess adaptation options


The method assumes a list of adaptation options that are open for consideration. It then prioritizes them based on answers given about their effectiveness, co-benefits, efficiency and external requirements.


Create a list of adaptation options and prioritize these options.


Prioritization of considered adaptation options.


Not available