Method – Capacity building


Climate adaptation asks for breaktrough projects, that do not go without high level capacity and competences of stakeholders involved. From experience this is not always the case.  Building the capacity in an organisation to, in this case, do what is necessary to adapt to climate change. It is a process by which individuals and organisations obtain the skills,  knowledge, tools, equipment and recourses to do their jobs competently or to a greater capacity in order to adapt to climate change. It focuses on the obstacles that an organisation and its individuals face in order to cope with and be prepared for the effects of climate change.

Use in decision framework

Getting commitment for adaptation approaches
Getting commitment for adaptation options
Getting commitment for the implementation plan


Assessment of the competences of the stakeholders, organisation, individuals involved in the climate adaptation process.


The method comprises the following steps:

•    assessment of the current level of 9 relevant competences of the stakeholders, by questionnaire and key figure interviews
•    define the capacity building process by identifying the current competence level gaps and actions required to raise the level of competence
•    execute the capacity building process by acquiring services for all competences that are not yet at the right level


A community of stake- and shareholders with the required level of competences to implement breakthrough projects for climate adaptation.


Adaptation Strategies European Cities (ASEC-project) en The Resilience Pathway (CAFCA-project):

An evidence-based system for capacity development has been used in many cities and municipalities in Europe, by major development agencies outside Europe and by governments to assess and enhance institutional capacity to deliver the change programmes necessary for effective responses to climate. It is used to assess and raise the level of capacity and competences of stakeholders to be able to carry out breakthrough projects, aiming at: vision and leadership, preparedness to cooperate and capabilities to contribute and execute.

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