Climate Impact Atlas

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Determine climate threat


The Climate Impact Atlas provides a first indication of whether climate threats (river and coastal flooding, pluvial flooding, drought, and heat stress) might affect a certain area (municipality) in the Netherlands. The results are presented in an interactive visualisation and are intended to put climate change and adaptation on the agenda and support multi-stakeholder discussions.


The user can select different variables within the tool to create a map of the area of interest: the municipality, the background map, the climate threat the user wants information about, the climate effect or risk component the user is interested in and the current situation or a scenario for the future.

User friendliness

The tool is easy to understand and use. The input variables can easily be found and selected. Some of the climate effects of risk components, however, are not very well clarified and the functionality of the slider next to them is not entirely clear.


The output of this tool is a pdf of the map that the user has created which can be downloaded from the site.


Various knowledge institutes and consultancies are involved in the development of the Climate Impact Atlas. The knowledge institutes are responsible for the source materials referred to in the Climate Impact Atlas. The Foundation Climate Adaptation Services coordinates and manages the Climate Impact Atlas.

Conditions for use

The tool is freely available online. Only municipalities in The Netherlands can be selected in the tool.