Identify roles and responsibilities


To ensure a correct and timely procedure for monitoring and evaluation of the adaptation strategy it is important to determine who needs to do what. The goal of this step is to define the different roles of the stakeholders in monitoring and evaluation.


The list of indicators and extensive descriptions provide a first insight in required data sources and related departments and organizations that have to be consulted for information.


The outcome of this step is an overview of the tasks related to monitoring and evaluation and the person/department/stakeholder responsible for this task.


  • Appoint a responsible person or department within the city administration to coordinate the monitoring and evaluation exercise
  • Draft an extensive list of tasks related to monitoring and evaluation (see below for an example)
  • Determine when these tasks should be performed
  • Determine who (persons/departments/stakeholders) are needed to perform these tasks
  • Assign responsible persons or departments to perform these specific tasks
  • Discuss this overview with all parties involved for consent and commitment

Preliminary overview of tasks

The table provides a preliminary overview of tasks with regards to monitoring and evaluation. 

Task When Needed Responsible
Coordination of the assessment of indicators and evaluation of the results
Calculation of indicator X (Y, Z, etc.), including data gathering
To provide data for indicator X (Y, Z, etc.)
Analysis of the indicator results and evaluation of the adaptation strategy in general
Update of the adaptation strategy



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Supporting tools and methods

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