Define evaluation frequency


The frequency at which the evaluation of the adaptation strategy will take place will be determined in this step.


Insight in the planning procedures of the municipality can provide guidance in determining the evaluation frequency. Information on data acquisition and calculation of the indicators themselves can also help defining suitable and useful time intervals for assessment.


The outcome of this step is a decision on the frequency of evaluating the adaptation strategy. This approach will be part of the Monitoring and evaluation plan.


The time interval may be dependent on various aspects. The timing can be aligned with local planning processes. If, for example, spatial plans are updated every 4 years, the evaluation can precede every update. One could also look at characteristics of the indicators; for some indicators it might be useful to calculate them yearly, others would not change significantly within a year, or their data collection would be too hard or costly to justify a yearly assessment. An approach to determine the frequency of evaluation could be to:

  • Determine a useful assessment frequency for each indicator
  • Determine frequency of local planning procedures
  • Determine a suitable time interval for evaluation of the adaptation strategy. Individual indicators might be assessed more often if useful.


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