Identify interactions


Adaptation options cannot be seen as isolated solutions. They influence the effectiveness and co-benefits of other options and they affect other policy domains besides climate resilience. In order to be able to select the optimal combination of options, it is therefore important to gain insight in these interactions.


A list of relevant adaptation options.


The outcome is an overview of interactions between all potential options and the impact of each option beyond the direct, intended effect.


  • Determine the method to develop the overview of interactions. Some possibilities are mentioned under ‘Supporting tools and methods’.
  • Ask colleagues, stakeholders or possibly experts, to identify the relations in a workshop
  • Preferably, process the input into a visual representation that easily shows relations and interactions


No experiences available yet.

Supporting tools and methods

Future Cities Adaptation Compassi

The Future Cities Adaptation Compass is an Excel – based tool designed to guide the user in interlink different stakes and to check the vulnerability and adaptation options across the sectors. The tool is developed in Excel 2003 and is known to display some images incorrectly in later versions. Whether more or other problems are present, is unknown.