Check for compliance with requirements


Constraints and requirements for adaptation options and strategies have been defined previously. These might already have been taken into account in the assessment of options, but not necessarily. Therefore, this step is an extra check to see whether the assessed options comply with these requirements.


The adaptation goals have to be defined and the requirements have to be considered, as well as the influence of non-climate trends and the context . In addition, a list of potential adaptation options should be available.


The outcome is a selection of options that contribute to the set goals and comply with the requirements and constraints.


  • Take the list of adaptation options (see ‘Assess adaptation options’).
  • Check whether each option has the potential to contribute to the previously defined adaptation goals.
  • Check whether each solution approach complies with the requirements. While performing this check, new requirements, conditions, constraints, etc. might come to mind. These new insights can be added to the lists generated in the related steps (i.e. requirements, related trends and/or context).
  • Remove options that do not comply with the above mentioned criteria from the list.



Being a signatory of both Covenant of Mayors and Mayors Adapt, Bratislava seeks to perform and report based on the requirements stemming from these two initiatives. Also, there are other relevant strategies – such as the Europe 2020 Strategy or the Paris Agreement. Coming down to the national level, the need for cities to act and develop efforts in adaptation is clearly stated in the National Adaptation Strategy of the Slovak Republic. In addition, Bratislava City had to align the future adaptation strategy and action plan with local policies and regulations as well as strategies such as the Programme of Economic and Social Development of the City of Bratislava and other rather sectoral policies.

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