Update communication plan


The purpose of this step is to create (or update) a communication plan for (all) stakeholders which specifies what should be communicated how, at what point in time and to whom in order to assure a sufficient level of information for all involved stakeholders at all times.


If a communication plan hasn’t been develop already, it is essential to have defined the scope of the climate risks and the roles of stakeholders, as well as the adaptation goals and approaches.


A communication plan for the relevant stakeholders with a specified strategy on what, how, when and to whom to communicate in the development of the adaptation plan.


Determine the message and level of communication. What to communicate depends primarily on the aim of communication. There are four levels of communication:

  1. Content
  2. Process and structure
  3. Relations and atmosphere
  4. Emotions

Most attention is given to the first and second level of communication, while it is also important to address levels three and four. In communicating with stakeholders it is essential to be open, transparent, respect different perspectives and interests and be fair.

  • Determine the target group. Many different stakeholders have to be reached. Different communication strategies can be developed for different stakeholder groups. Be aware that with passing of time stakeholders and their interests can have changed since determining them in stakeholder analysis. If needed, update this overview.
  • Determine the means of communicating the message. Examples are:
    • Use of Social Media, website, other forms of media
    • Organizations of events, campaigns
    • Development of brochures, flyers, etc.
    • Make a video, e.g. video on YouTube

Decide when to communicate. Regular communication is important at different stages of the process. At which specific intervals is situation specific.


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Supporting tools and methods

RAMSES Communicating the urgency of adaptation and local accomplishmentsi

The ‘Communicating the urgency of adaptation and local accomplishments’ worksheet developed within this project is a step-by-step description of steps to take to develop an effective communication strategy to convey the urgency of climate adaptation. The method contains an overview of pro’s and cons of some various communication methods. The steps are described at a high level, which makes the method open for interpretation.