Develop adaptation approaches

This second phase of the decision framework focusses on determining suitable ways of achieving adaptation goals. Increasing resilience to climate change can be achieved in many ways, which determines the investments and governance actions. The decision on approaches is largely a political choice regarding the way adaptation should be implemented: e.g. by investing in blue-green or in gray infrastructure, by investments by the city or by private parties, by imposing regulations or by educating the public. The choice of the approach determines the selection of potential actions that would fit in the adaptation strategy. In this section the potential actions are defined on high level, outlining the possible adaptation approaches at a strategic/tactical level; detailing the options will be done in the next section.

An adaptation approach is a way of achieving the adaptation goals.

Underlying groups of steps are:

  • Role definition of the parties involved in the steps of this section.
  • Exploration (generating a list) of approaches that serve the adaptation goals.
  • Select the most promising approaches.
  • getting Commitment from the parties which are crucial for attaining the necessary public and internal support.
  • developing a Communication strategy of the intended approaches to the wider public.