Determine baseline performance


The purpose of this step is to define the current performance of the city or asset in relation to the previously defined adaptation goals. The outcome can be used as the baseline in monitoring the progress towards climate resilience.


The indicators selected in Define indicators form the basis for assessing the baseline with regards to climate adaptation.


The outcome of this step will be a report presenting and visualizing the values for each indicator.


In this step, data has to be gathered and calculations have to be made. The city department charged with climate adaptation is probably best suited to initiate and coordinate this process.

  • Gather the necessary data as defined in the factsheet of each indicator
  • Calculate the indicators as defined in the factsheet of each indicator
  • Present the results in an attractive manner (visualize the results)


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Supporting tools and methods

IVAVIA – Identifying indicators and data acquisitioni

The IVAVIA module ‘Identifying indicators and data acquisition’ will guide you through the process of defining adequate indicators for monitoring the status and progress of climate adaptation. By establishing the current values for each of these indicators, a baseline is recorded.