Assess climate risk

This first section of the framework contains aspects which deal with understanding your problem:

  • Understanding of the (climate) risks
  • Decide on whether and what hazards and their associated risks are to be addressed
  • Ensure support for action and agreement on which parties and organisations are to be involved for next phase(s).

Underlying groups of steps are:

    • Scoping the problem and its context – define the challenges and the urban system you are looking at in order to frame the further planning process.
    • Create sufficient Awareness of the relevant stakeholders for climate change, the effects and the associated risks.
    • Role definition in order to achieve agreement on potential roles of and contributions from respective stakeholders in the planning process.
    • Performing a Risk assessment to arrive at an agreed vulnerability and risk assessment for the city system.
    • Goal definition to achieve a common view on what the goals should be for the adaptation process.
    • Establish the Baseline to determine what the current levels for the agreed goals are.
    • Get Commitment from relevant stakeholders to continue and take action for next phases of the adaption planning.
    • Create a Communication plan to determine what, when, and how should be communicated to what stakeholder groups.