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Risk identification


It is important to identify the risk of climate impacts on urban areas, but also who might be the most affected by this risk. In terms of climate impacts, substantial research shows that different groups of people will be impacted upon to a greater or lesser degree e.g. older people, children, tenants, and so on. In the tool’s terminology: the maps help to identify those who are at greatest climate disadvantage.

In order to understand this in greater detail, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Environment Agency (UK) worked with the University of Manchester, JBA Consulting, Climate UK and the Centre for Sustainable Energy to develop the ClimateJust tool.   The tool allows users in the UK to map  where extreme events like floods and heat waves are likely to have the biggest impacts as a result of the characteristics of people and communities. The tool is also accompanied by a substantial evidence base and also practical assistance in terms of case studies and links to other resources and tools.


There are up-to-date maps on:

  • Flooding (river/coastal flooding and surface water flooding)
  • Heat
  • Fuel poverty.

All of these can help to inform local planning and responses to support vulnerable people and places.

User friendliness

The map tool can be used by non-expert users. All of the GIS work has been completed allowing users to simply view the results.

The data is available for download (as individual indicators in excel or GIS format) so more experienced users can use the data in their own systems.

Users can easily search for their own area.


The climate disadvantage maps provide different coloured graphics with explanations on how to interpret the maps.


Joesph Rowntree Foundation, The University of Manchester, the Environment Agency, Tellus Toolkit, Centre for Sustainable Energy, Climate UK, JBA Consulting.

Conditions for use

Users must register with the website. The map covers the UK only.


Greater Manchester uses Climate Just as part of its ‘Mapping GM’ project to assist with the development of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.